Capital partners to the wine industry

Ferovinum is an independent supply chain partner for the wine industry. We buy and sell wine to reduce the capital burden for wine producers, distributors and wholesalers, merchants and collectors.


partnering  with wine producers

Wine producers face the challenge of holding wine stock for periods of up to several years. We work with producers to free up this capital by purchasing the wine and selling it to them when needed.  We also offer the option of sitting between the producer and distributors to allow producers to sell their vintage and realise revenue up-front, while providing a phased buying plan to their distributors. This opens up producers' markets to a wider range of potential customers. It may also be used to enable producers to establish strategic stocks of their wine in consuming markets to reduce the lead-time on orders from distributors and direct clients.


Improve your working capital cycle

Release capital tied up in finished or unfinished stock to reinvest in your growing business.

Sell bottled stock to Ferovinum and continue to store and finish the wine at your site, buying it from Ferovinum when you need it for sale.


Reach a wider customer base

Facilitate purchase of your wines by customers previously unable to finance it.

Sell your annual vintage in one and use Ferovinum's purchase plan to sell it to your custumers when they need it.

Reduces the need to offer payment terms to customers or discounts to distributors.


Achieve greater selling power

Greater customer access to your wines improves competition between customers, enhancing your pricing power.

Ferovinum Ltd. Registered Office 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ. AWRS Number: XFAW00000111036