Capital partners to the wine industry

Ferovinum is an independent supply chain partner for the wine industry. We buy and sell wine to reduce the capital burden for wine producers, distributors and wholesalers, merchants and collectors.


capital solutions for the wine trade

Ferovinum works with distributors, wholesalers and merchants to reduce the burden of the wine trade's capital intensive supply chain. We buy and sell wine as an independent and neutral partner to the industry, who's only interest is in carrying wine for unproductive periods during the supply chain and returning those wines when they are ready for ultimate sale or consumption.


Grow your  business

Release capital tied-up in slower-moving stock to enable investment and trading in faster-moving stock, or value-enhancing projects.

Maintain and expand your range of wines - never miss a wine allocation due to capital constraints.

Highly flexible service to return your wine to you as you need it.


Reduce reliance on bank debt and shareholder equity

Effective, responsive and flexible alternative to finance.

Lever your business for growth without lengthy arrangement processes.

Release capital based on the value of wine stock.


Maximise Efficiency

Fits seamlessly into your supply chain

  • Capital released from existing wine stock and returned to you on demand at your bonded storage facilities

  • Wine can be acquired by us in your name directly from your producer and sold to you when you need it

  • No delay to your customer supply

Ferovinum Ltd. Registered Office 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ. AWRS Number: XFAW00000111036