Ferovinum announces launch into Scotch Whisky Industry. Read more here.

Who we are

A tool for the wine and whisky industry

Ferovinum is a platform that uses technology to provide wine & spirit producers, distributors and merchants with inventory financing structures previously reserved for large commodity producers and traders.

We believe that the finance industry has been limited in its ability to lend to the wine & spirits sectors given the challenges of valuing inventories and that the solutions offered by Ferovinum will allow the sector to release capital tied up in inventories, freeing it to grow and prosper.

What we're not

We take no commercial position on transactions

Ferovinum is not a broker or trader, and we have no commercial interest in the increase of inventory value. There's no speculative element to our commitment and the commercial relationships remain with our clients and their buyers / sellers.

We're a team of finance specialists, technologists and industry insiders with a passion for wine & whisky

Mitchel Fowler


Originally from the Hunter Valley, Mitch has over 14 years structured finance and investment banking experience focusing on commodity supply chain financing solutions, hedging and project finance.

Daniel Gibney


An owner of several hospitality venues, Dan has over 15 years corporate finance and debt advisory experience helping companies and governments raise, re-organise and restructure debt.

Gregor Mathieson

Director of Spirits

Gregor was previously co-founder of Edinburgh Whisky - an award-winning boutique independent bottler – and The Edinburgh Distillery company, which were both exited to a large privately-owned group at the end of 2019.

Max Noble

Head of Growth

Max is a qualified accountant who has worked in growth roles for a number of fintech investment and lending platforms in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Ho Yin Lai

Chief Technology Officer

Ho Yin was previously technology director at Macquarie, leading the evolution of their Commodities and Global Markets (CGM) group’s risk platform managing assets in excess of £5bn across multiple trading businesses including Energy, Agriculture and Quantitative Investment Strategies.

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