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Flexible capital facility, workflow management and trading tools designed specifically for Wine Producers

Flexible capital designed for wine producers in partnership with WineGB


Receive cash from first bottling

We can fund from the moment your Wine leaves the tank or cask.

Finance storage and finishing costs

Ongoing capital to fund lees aging, riddling & disgorging and labelling.


No monthly fees

Repay when your product is ready for sale. Match your cashflows and realise your margins immediately.

"Ferovinum gave us a lot of flexibility in our business"

Hear from America & Nick Brewer, owners of Oastbrook Wine Estate

Wine producers are using Ferovinum to:


Invest for growth

Redirect capital tied up in stock into marketing spend, wine tourism, operational efficiency or export markets.
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Build resilience

Increase resilience to yield variability & sales seasonality. Access liquidity in higher yielding growing seasons.
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Realise quality potential

Reduce capital pressure created by long aging periods.

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Release up to 80% of your existing inventory and fund new purchases

Flexible capital and inventory management for wine sellers


Finance stock held in-transit & in-warehouse

Importing? We can fund purchases from the moment they are placed on the ship.

Super-charge your buying power

Reduce your initial cash outlay to as low as 20% on new purchases. Improve your commercial margins.


Respond to opportunities with quick access to resource

Once onboarded - have access to additional funding within 48 hours.

Fund trade receivables

And access automated stock management


Having been introduced to Ferovinum, we were impressed by their like-minded pragmatic and collegial approach.

Their entry into the market will enable greater aging in the cellar and therefore a fuller expression of what fantastic wines we can produce as a country.


Distributors are using Ferovinum to:


Negotiate better prices

Secure discounts from suppliers by paying them upfront and in full using ferovinum finance.
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Reduce cash-flow pressure

Ferovinum can substantially fund acquisitions and you only pay when the stock is ready for sale.
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Realise economies of scale

Aggregate larger orders, reduce logistics, storage and insurance costs. Use our platform for JIT inventory management.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum contract term?
The platform is completely flexible and allows you to fund stock over an agreed period with no minimum time or size commitment.
How long can I fund my stock using Ferovinum?
You can fund your finished stock for up to 18 months and work-in-progress inventories for up to 5 years. Longer maturation periods are also considered.
Do you physically move the stock?
The platform does not disrupt your existing supply chain infrastructure, taking title either in-transit, in bonded storage/distribution centres or at your own premises.
Will your platform interfere with my production process?
Our platform funds the stock, while still allowing our clients to carry out their production processes in the ordinary way, at the existing location. We are setup at bonded storage locations, client wineries & contract wineries, distilleries and bottling facilities throughout the UK.
Does Ferovinum fund the ongoing costs of production?
Yes, costs of finishing your work-in-progress inventories (e.g. storage & packaging) can be funded through the platform.
What type of companies do you work with?
Our clients range from early-stage businesses to established brands owned by larger listed corporates.

Great brands partner with Ferovinum to focus on growth

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“Ensuring Wine producers can use their stocks to finance their business has been a WineGB objective for some years so Ferovinum is a very welcome development"

- Simon Thorpe, CEO, WineGB.

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